Friday, May 27, 2011

Up Date

Yesterday was the "official ultrasound" for our newest member of our family. It turns out that yes indeed we are having a baby girl and she is looking great. It is crazy how fast they grow! It seems that I say that often when it comes to my children. Some days it feels like they change in a blink of an eye.
I also found out some news that I am a little concerned about. My right breast has begun to hurt and my doctor discovered that the breast tissue on that side is larger than on the other side in the same spot. She says that at this time she is thinking that it is just due to pregnancy, but if the pain does not get better in a month she is going to send me for an ultrasound of that breast. So, please pray that this is nothing and that the pain goes away.
Today is the last day of school here in College Station, TX. I can't believe that the year has come and gone. It is officially summer break! We have plans to go camping , going to the beach, and maybe even going to Schlitterbahn! Other than that my biggest plan is to try to stay cool in this Texas heat.

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