Monday, January 31, 2011

Someone I Would Like To Switch Lives With

I do not think my brain is working this morning. I can't think of anything. I am blank.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Childhood Picture

This is the only picture I have access to of me when I was younger. It is one of my favorite photos of me and my father together. Just to clarify... I have all of my childhood pictures but they are currently in storage. This was the only one on the computer :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pandora Shuffle?

Today was supposed to be the first 10 songs to play on the IPod on shuffle. My MP3 player is lost still. It went missing during the move. So, I put the Pandora player on shuffle. It is the best I could do. So here it is.
1. Can't Hold Us Down- Christina Aguilera
2.Nobody Knows- Tony Rich
3.They Don't Know- Jon B
4.No Air- Jordin Sparks
5.Not Myself Tonight- Christina Aguilera
6..Lately- Tyrese
7.If I Were A Boy-Beyonce
8.One Sweet Day- Boyz 2 Men
9.Too Close-Next
10. Wait For You- Elliott Yamin

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Picture Of My Family :)

It's not the best photo , but it's the only with all of my children in it. The last family photo session was right before I got pregnant with Ethan. I guess it is safe to say we are due for another family photo ;)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Letter To Someone Who Hurt Me Recently

Dear Anonymous Person,
You hurt me recently with your words and actions. I feel that you really do not like me for the person that I am and view me as a annoyance in your life. I think those things are what have lead you to judge me and say things to me that were at times unfair in my eyes. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and feelings. With that said I am letting go and moving on. Just remember that should you ever have a change of mind you know where to find me. Feel free to text or call. Should you ever need me I will be there... until then have a great life. I wish you well.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shifting Rooms

Who says the dining room actually has to be the dining room? Or the living room or really any room? I pose this question because sometimes when making a home your own you must think outside of the box.
About 6 mos ago we moved into a house that was much smaller than the previous home that we owned ( we are now renters). Take my old house and cut it by half. Family of 7 in a three bedroom house that is 1500sqft. It turned out to be JUST big enough to get into. Maybe just a tad too small, but will more than do for now. Anywho... back to the subject.
For 6 months we did nothing to try to make it a home. Stuff is in the garage and storage. One of my goals is to start really moving in. This is what started the whole thing, Over the 6 months the layout of the living room and dining room really bothered me. I kept thinking about how awkward it was going to be when we finally brought in the couch. The flow of the front area was going to be off and frustrating. And on top of that the dining room was a little too narrow. That got me thinking...What if I switched the two? Ta-da! Problem was solved. Not only did it fix the flow issues I was having but I also gained usable space as well.
So....Don't be afraid to think outside of the box :)

Day 12....Why I blog

It all started when my Sister -in- law started to blog and one of my other friends started to blog. That got me reading their blogs along with others. I decided that I might give it a shot... It was just supposed to be an outlet for me. I have not consistently kept up with it up until now. With the start of a new year I have changed a few things in my life. One of those being my blog. I want to blog more often and about different things. We will see how it goes.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Music I Listen To

I would have to say my taste in music is eclectic. There are a couple of things that I will not listen to. I will not listen to death metal or what I call gangster rap ( the ones that talk about women in horrible ways, about shooting and robbing, being in jail ect. ).
When I am happy, working out, or need motivation I listen to upbeat fast paced songs. When I am sad or angry it's usually a combo of music. It just depends more on the lyrics that the tempo.
Some of the artists I enjoy are : Pink
                                                Nelly Furtado
                                                Katy Perry
                                               Christina Aguilera
                                               Carrie Underwood
                                               Red Hot Chile Peppers
                                               Kenny Chesney
                                               Keith Urban
                                               Shania Twain
                                              Green Day
                                              Maroon 5
                                              Eve 6
                                             Alanis Morissette
                                             Kelley Clarkson
The list is far longer than this. These were just a few off of the top of my head.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Something I Am Proud Of

I am proud of myself for actually trying to accomplish my new years resolutions. So far I have managed to loose 5 lbs. I have been working on getting a schedule set. I am being more diligent in doing the things that I want/ need to do.
I am proud of my husband. He is a hard worker, a good husband, a good father, a good friend, and a good son.He works very hard to provide for his family even if that means putting in extra hours and doing side jobs.I really do appreciate all that he does.
I am proud of my children who are doing very well in school. I am proud of the fact that they are healthy, loving, bright, and funny children. They all have completely different personalities and I love to see them shine.

Short Term Goals For This Month

1.I want to get a set schedule for the house. I believe a consistent routine will help with the everyday running of the house hold.
2. Start using the Elliptical on a regular basis.
3. Getting the house finally set up ( getting everything out of storage and the garage).
4. Continue to work on my weight loss with weight watchers.
5. Put some time into my appearance everyday.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Someone or Something That Has Had the Biggest Affect On My Life

Without hesitation that would have to be my husband and children. Without them who knows what my life would be like... All I know is I wouldn't trade it for anything. It isn't always easy but those good moments are worth everything :)