Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shifting Rooms

Who says the dining room actually has to be the dining room? Or the living room or really any room? I pose this question because sometimes when making a home your own you must think outside of the box.
About 6 mos ago we moved into a house that was much smaller than the previous home that we owned ( we are now renters). Take my old house and cut it by half. Family of 7 in a three bedroom house that is 1500sqft. It turned out to be JUST big enough to get into. Maybe just a tad too small, but will more than do for now. Anywho... back to the subject.
For 6 months we did nothing to try to make it a home. Stuff is in the garage and storage. One of my goals is to start really moving in. This is what started the whole thing, Over the 6 months the layout of the living room and dining room really bothered me. I kept thinking about how awkward it was going to be when we finally brought in the couch. The flow of the front area was going to be off and frustrating. And on top of that the dining room was a little too narrow. That got me thinking...What if I switched the two? Ta-da! Problem was solved. Not only did it fix the flow issues I was having but I also gained usable space as well.
So....Don't be afraid to think outside of the box :)

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