Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blogging Time Out

I haven't been blogging lately because I have been under the weather. I promise that once I get back to myself I will be right back at it. I have some ideas of things I would love to try but I just am not feeling well enough to get them done at this moment. During my little time away PLEASE check out some of the blogs that I love to visit. They are listed under MY Places on the right hand side. 
I may just do a few blogs on some of the dinners that I cook during my little time out. We will see how I feel. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

One More Pic :)

Note: I did everything the same as mentioned in Scissors & Spatulas except I used a spring confetti cake mix & Frosting, and I added pink food coloring to the white chocolate. These are really good and if you have not tried these you should!

Cake Balls

Don't these just scream SPRING! I have a little bit of spring fever. I am so looking forward to the sun, the warm air, and flowers blooming.
I got the idea from Scissors & Spatulas.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Little Honey Bee

Kid's Valentine Activity

I got this from Smockity Frocks it's a really great idea for siblings to show love to each other. Here is mine.

This is what you will need :
Paper hear doilies
Scrap booking paper
Red stamp pad
Lined stamp
glue stick

1. Cut the paper into the size heart that will fit the doilies.
2. Apply glue to the back of the paper heart. Then place it on the heart doiile.
3. Then stamp the lines onto the heart.

There should be enough hearts for each child to have one per sibling to fill out. They will write something that they love about them on the heart. Things like " You are nice." are not acceptable. It needs to be more personal. Have them really think at what they love about their sibling.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Picture Frame Makeover

This is the finished result! I love it :) I was pretty pleased with how fast it came together.
Supplies : 1 Picture Frame
                1 Sheet of Scrap Book Paper
                Antique White Paint
                Modge Podge
                Sponge Brushes
                Embellishments of your choice
This is the back of the frame. That way you can sorta of see what I started with.
1. Using the Sponge Brush apply the paint to the frame. I let some of the brown show through. It gave it a distressed/ antique feel.
2. While paint is drying cut your scrap book paper the way you want it. Make sure to figure out where you want to place it.
3. Once the frame is dry you may then start the messy part.....Modge Podge! :) Go to town. Be  liberal with it. Start with the frame in the area you will place your paper. Then add it to the back of the paper. Once frame area and back are coated with modge podge go ahead and position your piece the way you please. Once it is in place begin to cover the top with the modge podge. Using your fingers press the paper into creases and get it to lay flat on the frame. Proceed with the other pieces.
4. Then add your embellishment.

 I am so excited to place a picture of my daughter in this frame. I know she will love it :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Craft Ideas... I also am thinking about doing I Love U blocks.... We will see.

Things I Often Crave

There are a few things.....1. Soda
                                       2. Sushi
                                       3. Mexican
                                       4. Chinese
                                       5. Something sweet like cake or ice cream.
I have gotten better about soda. It has actually been some time since I have had a soda. I have had a long battle when it comes to soda. I can get rid of bad for me stuff very easily except when it has come to soda. You would think I was addicted. I will go a little while but the min. I have one it's all over with and then I am back to drinking it like it's water. I have actually gone an entire day without drinking anything because it wasn't soda...See???? I get bad when it comes to soda. Being on Weight Watchers has really helped because I will not drink diet soda and on W.W. it carries a high point value. It is no longer worth it :)
As for the others...I have been eating sushi regularly lately. I need to cut it back just a tad. When it comes to 3-5 I crave them occasionally but it doesn't bother me too bad.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Magnetic Picture Board

I got the idea from CRAFTING. You should check out her blog. The Lowes that is near my house would not cut sheet metal so I had to change it up slightly. I was really happy with the way that it turned out.
              24x24 Piece of sheet metal
              4  12x12 Sheets Scrap booking paper
              Various stickers to decorate
              1 Spool of ribbon
              8 decorative beads
              8 magnets
              16 ft of decorative molding
              1 pack of sponge brushes
              Modge podge
              Antique White Paint
              1 can of glitter spray
              Gorilla Glue
              Super Glue
              2 to 3 clamps per side

1. Use sand paper on the sheet metal to ruff it up just a tad.
2. Next comes the fun part. Using the sponge brush  apply modge podge on the sheet metal first working one square at a time. Then apply modge podge on the back of the paper. Place the paper on top of the modge podge covered area of sheet metal. Then apply a liberal amount of modge podge on the front of the paper. The paper will begin to bubble. Using your fingers you will smooth them out. Then go over it with the sponge brush to smooth the surface coat of modge podge.
3. Once it has dried then you may place your embellishments onto the surface.
4. Cut the decorative molding picture frame style.
5. Paint the frame pieces with the antique white paint.
6. When the paint is dry spray with the spray glitter.
7. Using the super glue , glue the beads onto the magnets.
8. Once the frame pieces are dry use the gorilla glue to adhere them to the sheet metal. You will also need clamps to hold the pieces in place for 30 min. You can either do all sides at once or one side at a time.

Here is the finished product. The picture does not do it justice. Bad lighting.

Something That Makes Me Different From Everyone Else

This one is hard.... I don't feel like I really am any different from anyone else. I don't necessarily stand out in a crowd. I don't have any unusual or great talents. I do not do anything extraordinary. If I had to take a stab at it... I guess I would say I am honest to a fault. If you really want to know what I think I will tell you. I am at times a little to direct and blunt. I will tell it like it is. This is not necessarily the best thing at times. I find the older I get the more I bite my tongue. This has done me well in some cases. In others not so well. I am still learning to know when to open my mouth and when to keep it shut. I guess I can tack that on to my long list of things to tackle this year.

Friday, February 4, 2011


So..This new year is bringing many different changes. I am loosing weight, finding time to do the things I enjoy, working on being a better mother and wife, letting go of certain people in my life , and getting my finances together to just name a few.
The one that I am going to address today is of letting go of people. I would have to say that most ( ok all) of my relationships are one sided. I am not sure how it happened and I became that person but I did.... You know what I am talking about? The fall back friend? The used to be really great friend when we lived in the same state? The person that chases everyone down to say hi and see how they are but no one ever calls me person? This includes family. Well....#1 It is hurtful- because at times it feels like no one really cares. #2 I deserve better than that. I deserve a normal friendship that goes both ways. #3. It is just plain exhausting trying to chase family and friends down.
Having said that ....My whole point is I am letting go. I am letting go of friends that have been "friends" for years. Same goes with family. If you want to talk you know where I am at. Until then I am concentrating on my family closest and building lasting friendships here in my home town. It is time to let go and move on.

A Picture Of Something That Makes Me Happy

There is nothing like a baby's smile. This is Ethan when he was 2 months old.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Someone I See Marring/ Being With In The Future

This is a no brainer seeing as how I am married to the love of my life,  the man of my dreams, the father of my children, and my best friend. We have been together for 10 years and married for 7 years.  I love him and am so glad that he is in my life. We have been through good times, bad times, and in between times. I never knew what it meant to truly love someone until I met him. I honestly couldn't picture my life without him. I am honored that he chose me to go on this crazy and wonderful journey.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


From my husband- Babe, baby, sweetheart, beautiful, and turkey
From my kids- Mom and mommy
Melissa- Chica and or chicky


Plans- My plans for most days are the same...Clean, take care of kids, run errands, cook, blah blah blah.

Dreams- I dream that my child who has ADHD & Bi-Polar Disorders will get better. I dream that one day we will be in our dream house and financially stable. I dream about going back to school and my husband being in the job that he has always wanted to be in. I dream of family vacations and smiling faces.

Goals- 1. Finish getting this house settled.
           2. Getting our budget put together.
           3. Paying off debt.
           4. Going back to school hopefully next year.
           5. Loosing weight.
           6. Making new friends here in College Station.
           7. Start crafting and drawing again.
           8. Exercising 
So far I am working diligently on 1,5,and 6.