Monday, February 7, 2011

Picture Frame Makeover

This is the finished result! I love it :) I was pretty pleased with how fast it came together.
Supplies : 1 Picture Frame
                1 Sheet of Scrap Book Paper
                Antique White Paint
                Modge Podge
                Sponge Brushes
                Embellishments of your choice
This is the back of the frame. That way you can sorta of see what I started with.
1. Using the Sponge Brush apply the paint to the frame. I let some of the brown show through. It gave it a distressed/ antique feel.
2. While paint is drying cut your scrap book paper the way you want it. Make sure to figure out where you want to place it.
3. Once the frame is dry you may then start the messy part.....Modge Podge! :) Go to town. Be  liberal with it. Start with the frame in the area you will place your paper. Then add it to the back of the paper. Once frame area and back are coated with modge podge go ahead and position your piece the way you please. Once it is in place begin to cover the top with the modge podge. Using your fingers press the paper into creases and get it to lay flat on the frame. Proceed with the other pieces.
4. Then add your embellishment.

 I am so excited to place a picture of my daughter in this frame. I know she will love it :)

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