Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things I Often Crave

There are a few things.....1. Soda
                                       2. Sushi
                                       3. Mexican
                                       4. Chinese
                                       5. Something sweet like cake or ice cream.
I have gotten better about soda. It has actually been some time since I have had a soda. I have had a long battle when it comes to soda. I can get rid of bad for me stuff very easily except when it has come to soda. You would think I was addicted. I will go a little while but the min. I have one it's all over with and then I am back to drinking it like it's water. I have actually gone an entire day without drinking anything because it wasn't soda...See???? I get bad when it comes to soda. Being on Weight Watchers has really helped because I will not drink diet soda and on W.W. it carries a high point value. It is no longer worth it :)
As for the others...I have been eating sushi regularly lately. I need to cut it back just a tad. When it comes to 3-5 I crave them occasionally but it doesn't bother me too bad.

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