Saturday, February 5, 2011

Magnetic Picture Board

I got the idea from CRAFTING. You should check out her blog. The Lowes that is near my house would not cut sheet metal so I had to change it up slightly. I was really happy with the way that it turned out.
              24x24 Piece of sheet metal
              4  12x12 Sheets Scrap booking paper
              Various stickers to decorate
              1 Spool of ribbon
              8 decorative beads
              8 magnets
              16 ft of decorative molding
              1 pack of sponge brushes
              Modge podge
              Antique White Paint
              1 can of glitter spray
              Gorilla Glue
              Super Glue
              2 to 3 clamps per side

1. Use sand paper on the sheet metal to ruff it up just a tad.
2. Next comes the fun part. Using the sponge brush  apply modge podge on the sheet metal first working one square at a time. Then apply modge podge on the back of the paper. Place the paper on top of the modge podge covered area of sheet metal. Then apply a liberal amount of modge podge on the front of the paper. The paper will begin to bubble. Using your fingers you will smooth them out. Then go over it with the sponge brush to smooth the surface coat of modge podge.
3. Once it has dried then you may place your embellishments onto the surface.
4. Cut the decorative molding picture frame style.
5. Paint the frame pieces with the antique white paint.
6. When the paint is dry spray with the spray glitter.
7. Using the super glue , glue the beads onto the magnets.
8. Once the frame pieces are dry use the gorilla glue to adhere them to the sheet metal. You will also need clamps to hold the pieces in place for 30 min. You can either do all sides at once or one side at a time.

Here is the finished product. The picture does not do it justice. Bad lighting.


Nic said...

That is beautiful! I LOVE it!

Heather said...

Super cute!! I can't believe Lowe's wouldn't cut your metal!!

Sarah said...

Thank you! When are you going to get back into blogging?

Sarah said...

Heather- Thank you! I couldn't believe it either.I have always been able to get boards and metal cut at either Home Depot or Lowes in other states that I have lived in. They told me that here they required certain permits and special equipment that they did not have. Oh well...