Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Snap Shot of My Morning Thus Far

Today was the morning that I had to register my oldest boy in middle school. Yeehaw! For some crazy reason they felt that 9 am was the best time to do this. Well, maybe for someone that doesn't have 6 kids. We aren't rolling over in the bed until around that time usually.So, yesterday I decided that I would use today as the beginning of the all to fun process of getting the kids back into the school morning routine. Idealy I would set my alarm for around  6 AM.....Yeah....Maybe tomorrow. LOL. Last night as I was setting my alarm I just could not make myself set it for any earlier than 7 a.m. Even then I shuddered and was not happy about the idea of this time. When this morning arrived and my alarm went off I quickly turned it off and got out of bed. Hahaha! Yeah right! This momma reset the alarm for 7:40 a.m. When 7:40 rolled around I really had to battle with myself to not to reset it for a later time and possible blow the whole thing off. I mean they have a make up day for a reason.... Right? Anywho... I got up threw my hair in a pony tail, got dressed, brushed my teeth and headed for the kids. Notice I did not mention brushing my hair. Why? Well, I have toddlers that enjoy running off with my brushes. I have a million of them scattered throughout the house hidden in various places only a toddler would think to put them. I digress. Needless to say the kids got up , dressed, brushed their teeth, and brushed their hair( my daughter found one of the brushes who knows where). Out the door we went.
In my thinking I figured 30 min early should be good. I was not original in this thinking as how there was already a line forming that extended outside of the school. I am glad to say 1. I didn't loose any children 2. It only took 1hr. 3. I found out that my son somehow still had a cafeteria balance of $0.42. ( which I gave her $1 for).5. Unfortunately for him his schedule stinks. He is one of the unlucky few that got stuck with the electives he did not want. This shall be a fun fun year( Note the sarcasm).In the end we left with one school book, a school planner, school schedule, a map of the school, and his supply list. I left $6 poorer as well. At least it is done.
Now we are home. I threw a quick breakfast together of yogurt, oranges, and P.B. toast and called it good. In the time I have stolen to put this together. I have listened to countless fights and screams. Oh! There is also now the mention of a poopy diaper that I must now attend to. Yay me!

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