Thursday, January 21, 2010

Morning Person? Maybe

Picture an 18 yr old slamming the quiet button on the alarm , sluggishly dragging herself out of the bed, stumbling to the closet to find something to pull on as fast as possible, throwing her hair back in a pony tail , brushing her teeth, and then rushing out of the door to race to school in just the nick of time. That 18 yr old was me every morning of my junior and senior years in high school. I was a night person and dreaded the morning.
Unfortunately that is one thing that has not changed since I have had kids. I still stay up way too late and refuse to wake up before the kids. I usually wake up about 6 :30a.m. to pull my older 2 boys out of bed and get them dressed and out the door to the bus by 6:50a.m. I then crawl back into bed until the younger 2 kids wake up around 8a.m. When they wake up I pull on whatever clothes I find and start my day. This is the usual for me seeing as how I am not a morning person.
My husband has often suggested that I get up and start my day before the kids get up. That way I have some quiet time to myself. I won't feel so rushed from the moment I jump out of bed. I get to fully wake up without hearing " Mommy I'm hungry" " Mommy I am thirsty" " Mommy I want this or that". I often don't even get a moment to think. LOL. i have often responded to this suggestion with " Are you insane? Do you know what time I would have to wake up? I am not a morning person!".
Well, I have recently been watching a friends baby for her. Unfortunately she has to drop her precious bundle of joy off by no later than 6:30 a.m. This translates to not being able to just rush the boys of to school and me going back to bed. I also have to be up , dressed, and awake by 6:30 a.m. I can't be crawling out of the bed at that time. Sooooo, my day starts now at 5 :59 a.m. It really needs to start at 5 : 30 a.m. ( I will get there). Since I have had to start my day at this time I am finding that I enjoy the peace and quiet before the baby is dropped off. Then I get more peace and quiet after the boys leave until the younger 2 wake up. I get to spend time watching the morning news, picking up around the downstairs, blogging, twittering , and anything else that I want. I find that I am in far better of a mood when the younger ones get up and I am far more productive with my day.
I must say after years of fighting the coming of the morning I think I am slowly being converted to a morning person ( GASP! ). I do enjoy it oddly enough. So, for now I just might maybe be a morning person. LOL

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