Monday, July 25, 2011

Cloth Diapers

GroVia® AIO - Planes
GroVia® AIO - Ice
*The pics above are what I purchased.

As you know I have been thinking about cloth diapers lately. We went to a class on Saturday and learned so much! If you are thinking about doing cloth diapers I would recommend trying to find a class. If there aren't any classes try and find someone that sells them that carries a variety of cloth diapers and who is knowledgeable in them. It makes such a HUGE difference than trying to sort it all out online.
Being able to touch them, and snap them, unsnap them, see how they are made, and being able to compare them right next to each other really really helped me. We saw AIO ( all in ones ), pockets, prefolds, fitteds, and hybrids. They are so different from each other! Some are more absorbent than others. Some are softer. Some have thicker padding ect. It all comes down to personal preference. There really is a cloth diaper out there to suit everyone. It can be a little ( a lot! ) overwhelming to try to sort through on your own.

Originally I thought I would go with Bum Genius but having seen it and compared it to others I chose differently. I was really surprised. I went with 2 different kids. These were ones I had not considered. I picked Thirsties fitteds for naps and bedtime. and Gro Via AIO for daytime. I honestly did not think I would want a fitted due to the fact that they require a cover. I didn't want to mess with a bunch of stuff, but they were so soft and absorb much more. I had to have them. LOL. Then there was the Gro Via which is a really trim soft AIO diaper that I fell for.
The real test is yet to come. I am currently prepping them which is a must do for all cloth diapers. Next will be actually trying them out. I did purchase quite a few, but was told to only prep half to try them out. If I like them then finish the rest, but if I don't then I can return the unwashed ones for 100% refund. The washed ones for 70% refund. I can then use that towards others. I really hope these meet my expectations. Wish me luck!

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