Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Heart My Cloth Diapers

That is a sentence I honestly never thought I would ever say. It is true! I really do! I am so glad I chose the ones I did. I hear people say how they are disappointed with their first ones and have to try a few others until they find the ones they really like. I tested them out for a couple of days before I committed to it. Today I prepped the rest of them.
I can't say enough about Gro Via AIO and Thirsties Fitted. I use the Gro Via all day and the Thirsties for naps and bedtime. I love how trim and absorbant the Gro Via. It really isn't too much bulkier than a disposable diaper. Which is awesome!!! The Thirsties keep him D. R. Y. all night long. When I say dry I mean not an ounce of wet on him. It is too bad that they aren't trimmer otherwise I would use then during the day too. They really are to bulky for little walkers. It made Ethan walk funny ( hehehe).
I am glad I decided to give cloth diapering a try. It really is pretty easy. It comes down to an extra load or two of laundry a week. That being said... 2hr wash cycle EEEK!

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